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YWCA Mankato supports efforts to improve maternal and child health outcomes for women and children of color, reduce rate of poverty among women and children of color, and promote equality and equity in our community

YWCA Mankato believes that all women, including women of color, and their families should have equal access to quality health care, early childhood education, and economic stability. While prenatal care plays an important role in ensuring maternal and infant health, research has shown that Minnesota provides unequal access to prenatal care for African-American/Black, Native American, and Latinx mothers. In addition, children of color, as measured by race and ethnicity, are more likely to live in low-income households and least likely to enroll in preschool programs by ages 3 to 4.

To this end, YWCA Mankato works with immigrant and refugee women and their families to provide services which include home visiting for immigrant and/or refugee women that are either pregnant or have children ages 0 to 5, referrals and resources for families seeking essentials like education access, health care, human basics, and economic supports.

Our services are dedicated to promoting healthy attachment and positive relationships between parents and their children, school readiness for young children (ages 0-5), improved maternal and child health outcomes, and economic stability.

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