Teresa Thomas

Thursday Keynote Speaker

Tap Into the Power of WIN/WIN Connections

Making connections and networking are the primary paths to new opportunities, learning, and building a leadership support system. However, the very idea of networking can feel nerve-wracking. This interactive presentation addresses WHY connection-building is especially important for women. Learn to tap into the power of your authenticity and gain tips and strategies to increase confidence. Teresa answers the most pressing questions that she receives about mastering the abc's of engaged networking. Deepen your relationships through Win/Win connections!


Teresa Thomas is a networking expert with a supportive, inclusive (and engaging!) approach to making connections.  She is the Director of MN Women in Networking (WIN) and author of “Win/Win Networking: Your Guidebook for Confident and Effective Connections” with in-depth tips, techniques, templates, and checklists to take your networking to the next level. 

As someone who has worked through her shyness, Teresa knows first-hand that confidence and connection-building skills can be learned and developed. With over 20 years of experience, she shares her tried-and-true insights to help other women to effectively network with confidence. 

Teresa is a lighthearted and interactive speaker who has facilitated hundreds of networking events and helped thousands to connect and grow.   She recognizes that each woman has unique networking goals. Rather than take a “one size fits all” approach, Teresa guides women to find what works best for them.  In addition to workshops and her book, she also offers individual consultations for a personal focus on best connection-building strategies.

Teresa’s philosophy of “Win/Win Networking” is about seeing the interconnectedness between all women.  It is about listening and noticing the ways that we can lift each other up.