Racial Justice Workshops

Race IQ

This workshop focuses on foundational concepts in racial discussions such as bias, stereotypes, prejudice, and microaggressions.  The training also examines the transition of immigrants and refugees into our nation.

Race IQ

IT2T Workshops

Conversation specific to race is vital!!  In this seminar, participants will engage in circle dialogues through the guidance of trained racial justice facilitators.   With questions crafted specifically for each group, along with the option of video clips and/or activities presented to stimulate the conversations amongst the participants, this can prove to be a valuable and insightful time for teams. 

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Confronting Racism MN Style

MinnesotaThis training assists participants in developing skills to identify and respond to racism through the dominant communication style of the Midwest.  The attendees will also engage in activities designed to bring attention to the subtle, yet powerful impact of stereotypes and unspoken social norms. 



Terms of Society

Attendees will examine the commonly used terms (and their definitions) we rely on in American society when we discuss race.  It will also delve into the conditions (or “terms”) we all navigate in our nation that are maintained and reinforced through race.

terms of society

Beyond Me

This workshop will move the participant beyond thinking about racism exclusively at an individual level.  Through interactive means the participants will learn how to distinguish between systemic, institutional, and structural racism and how we are all impacted by each. 

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In American society our telling of history has been greatly impacted by our understanding of race.  This workshop will study significant moments in American history and how parts of the story have been told while other vital pieces of information have been erased.  The participants will examine the impact of having partial accounts of American history and how that has significantly shaped our view of ourselves, each other, and our nation. 



Before Carl Linnaeus’ Systema Naturae was published in the early 18th century, Europeans did not classify themselves as being white.  This workshop will look at the construction of race and subsequently what it meant to be white in America.  Spanning the centuries following this land mark decision, participants will be immersed in the unique history of whiteness and its contemporary implications so many years later.


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