Persimmon Giving Club

The Persimmon Club is a philanthropic group that champions YWCA Mankato and its mission to eliminate racism and empower women.

Persimmon is YWCA’s national brand color reflecting the strength and confidence of YWCA. As a member of the Persimmon Giving Club, you have the opportunity to embody that spirit of persimmon!

We invite you to become a member of the Persimmon Giving Club today with a sustaining gift of over $250 for at least three years.  As a Persimmon Giving Club member you get the satisfaction of becoming part of history and shaping the future.  When we join together, movement happens.

Persimmon Giving Club Levels

$250  Persimmon Club Friend
$500  Persimmon Club Supporter
$750   Persimmon Club Partner

Get started by filling out this form and returning it to Laura Stevens at

Persimmon Club Supporter

Kate Cox

Persimmon Club Friends

Kim and Scott Danger

Beth and Doug Dittbenner

Diane and Tom Lentz

Maureen Gustafson