Kelly McClellan

Breakout Speaker

SESSION 1: Making a Name for Yourself & Building Leadership Allies

To lead, a woman must first know herself.  What is the story of YOU and YOUR LEADERSHIP?  Why do you need to tell it well?  This hands-on session focuses on why a personal brand is important and how it can be leveraged to create influence and opportunities.  Discover how to manage your brand, identify its constraints, and leverage it to create opportunities.  Through understanding their brands and creating connections with others, women build leadership allies and advocates.  Find your voice and tell your story in an authentic way!

SESSION 2: Mind the <Pay> Gap: Negotiations for Women

The Gender Pay Gap is a well-known concept. Women consistently earn less than their male counterparts.  Additionally, research tells us that women are less likely to negotiate than men. So, what can be done? To start- A woman must be her own advocate! In this interactive and conversational session, women learn what they can do to negotiate their compensation in a new role or their current position.  Women attending will develop their negotiation skills, prepare for salary or raise conversations, and learn common compensation negotiation mistakes.


Kelly McClellan’s mission is to help women find their confidence and create a life and career that they love.  Equal parts coach, consultant, and cheerleader, Kelly works with women who are looking to take their personal and professional selves to the next level.

Having spent many years in training and development in both financial services and healthcare, she left the corporate world to focus on helping others on a more personal level. Since taking this path, she joined the team at Carlson School of Management as a career coach, became a certified life coach, and opened to provide customized coaching to women leaders and teams. Kelly has completed over 2,000 individual coaching sessions and numerous local and national leadership and career workshops.

Kelly believes in women’s leadership.  She serves as an instructor with University of MN’s College of Liberal Arts Leadership Minor; an interdisciplinary, multidimensional program preparing undergraduate students for real-life leadership experiences. She also serves on the Business Center Advisory Committee for WomenVenture, a local nonprofit helping women attain economic self-sufficiency through the creation and growth of profitable and sustainable businesses.

When she is not empowering women, you can find this mom of four kickboxing to her favorite AC/DC playlist, running around town with soccer-mom duties, or binge-watching her DVR’d shows while indulging in a little strawberry HaagenDazs.