Jolly Corley

Breakout Speaker

SESSION 1: Leadership Growth through Conflict

“For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate.”
-Margaret Heffernan

During this interactive session, you will learn to reframe conflict as an opportunity, rather than a barrier. By seeing conflict as a catalyst for change, you learn to use it as a tool for increasing productivity. Jolly will explore how emotional intelligence informs our relationship with conflict and work with you to identify your responses before you become emotionally hijacked. Through activities and exercises, you will explore ways to engage in difficult conversations with coworkers, community members, family, or supervisors and learn strategies for setting expectations and creating accountability.

The Key Session Takeaways:

•Learn and practice various methods of conflict management, challenging conversations and movement for change.
•Identify an impartial mentor for advising on difficult issues
•Practice reframing conflict by recognizing your own biases and filters

SESSION 2: Finding your Leadership Purpose

How do you find your purpose, let alone be a leader?  There seems to be a lot of contradictions in the latest leadership development fads.  Do you play to your strengths or do you work on your challenges?  Are you only a leader if you are in a leadership position?  Is leadership about exceptional performance at work?  Being heavily involved with the “right” organizations in the community?  Is it the pathway to greater well-being?

Leading a life of purpose and leadership seems exhausting and confusing.  This session will take a look at how to develop your own strategy and road map for developing leadership purpose that meet your needs rather than fit neatly into a 1-2-3 step to being a “great leader”. 

The Key Session Takeaways:

•Create your own definition for leadership purpose.
•Learn how to sift through all the leadership development ideas out there to find what truly works for you.
•Develop a plan for living your leadership purpose.


Jolly Corley, M.S. is a leadership coach that is passionate about experiential learning as a tool for growth and development.  She cultivates leadership skills through the use of practical strategies for self-evaluation and goal-setting.  Jolly challenges participants to consider the challenges of growth and development from a personal point of view.

Each year she works with 150 college students at Camp Robindel in New Hampshire where she has spent 15 years developing emerging leaders.  Jolly uses interactive activities and life experiences to demonstrate to others that their experiences are the most useful tools for reflection and growth.