Amazing Race

Monday, July 22, 2019 - 1:00pm

Congratulations to Community Bank Champs Are Back who finished all of the challenges and crossed the finish line first! 

Our top fundraising team was Pizza Ranch's Kirk Wranglers!(photo coming soon) 

Thank you to our sponsors, racers, and volunteers! You helped raise over $27,000 for YWCA Mankato! 

About this ULTIMATE event:

YWCA Mankato partners with businesses and organizations in the Mankato/North Mankato community to bring you this fun-filled event. Teams of four will receive clues that send them to a location where they receive instructions for a challenge (can be physical, mental, or just downright fun). When the challenge is completed, teams will receive a clue for their next location and challenge. The first team to complete all challenges and cross the finish line wins prizes and bragging rights!  Some challenges may require all four participants to participate, some may be multiple step challenges that you decide which team member completes. 


2018 Photos

Thanks to 

Thank you to all of the sponsors, racers, and volunteers that helped make this event a great success!
Congratulations to Community Bank's CHEK Yourself for completing all of the challenges and crossing the  FINISH LINE first!


Thank you to the Kato Wonder Women for raising the most for YWCA Mankato in Fast Pass Fundraising!

Congratulations to Bent River Outfitters and Coldwell Banker Commercial Fisher Group for winning the Racer's Choice for Favorite Challenge!

Their challenge involved 3 team members riding a designated distance on a paddle board and another member diving to retrieve an item from a bucket.

2nd Place was awarded to ISG's Weapons of Mass Creation.



A great big THANK YOU to all who participated in the 3rd Annual YWCA Amazing Race - sponsors, racers, and volunteers!  The event was a huge success thanks to all of you!

Congratulations to ISG Weapons of Mass Creation!  They were the winner of the  and a 3 minute head start!  They were able to keep their lead this year and took home the trophies!

Coming in 2nd and 3rd within seconds of each other was Community Bank's 3rd Time's a Charm and Community Bank's Banking on a Win teams!  






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Adventure Sponsors:

Mankato Clinic


SPX Sports