Women's Leadership

Women's Leadership programming is dedicated to empowering women and serving as a catalyst for social change focused on gender and race. 

Elizabeth Kearney Women's Leadership

The Elizabeth Kearney Women’s Leadership program is a gender specific leadership program that takes a cohort of women through 10-months of leadership development.  The women increase their leadership skills, learn about community and civic engagement, and leave prepared to address common leadership challenges and the unique hurdles that women in leadership face. The program is currently in its 11th year.

Women's Leadership Alumnae Association

The Women’s Leadership Alumnae Association is an exclusive offering available only to graduates of the Elizabeth Kearney Women’s Leadership Academy.  The Alumnae Association engages Alumane with each another and advances their leadership experience through connections, education, and service opportunities.  The Alumnae Association consists of an annual retreat, a monthly book club, service opportunities, and quarterly Lunch & Learn sessions.

Women's Leadership Conference

YWCA Mankato annually organizes the Women’s Leadership Conference, which brings together hundreds of women to discuss professional development and the vital role of women leaders in business, the community, and family life. The conference hosts both nationally recognized speakers and local women. It explores the myriad definitions of a leader and invites each woman to discover her own leadership style and the kind of leader already within her.

VOTES FOR WOMEN: Women Running for Elected Office

YWCA Mankato is developing an offering focused on recruiting and supporting women in the greater Mankato area that want to run for elected office. As part of this offering, YWCA Mankato will connect participants to local women that have run for and/or served in elected offices and will provide participants with trainings on the basics of filing, funding, and running a campaign.

Young Women's Club

YWCA Mankato is committed to developing programming for young women, aged 18-30(ish).  The program will be divided into four age brackets: ages 18-20, ages 21-23, ages 24-26, and ages 26-30(ish) and will respond to the needs and interests of local young women.



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