2019 WLC Scholarships


Emerging Leader Scholarships

Apply by nominating yourself, or Nominate a Woman Today!

What is Leadership?

Leadership is an ability to inspire, influence, role model, or call action forth from others! Leadership is not a job title or a position of authority.

What makes a woman an Emerging Leader?

An Emerging Leader is a woman that inspires, influences, or acts as a role model.  She leads by empowering women around her. She seeks leadership development through an increase in her community connections, network, and skills.  An Emerging Leader recognizes women’s abilities to lead change in their communities, businesses, and home. 

What does an Emerging Leader receive?

A woman selected as an Emerging Leader will receive a scholarship to attend the 2019 Women’s Leadership Conference (Nov. 1 2019).  If she chooses, she will be paired with a Conference Mentor who will attend the Women’s Expo with her and introduce her to women leaders in attendance at the conference.

How do I apply or nominate a woman?

Take 5 minutes to complete the Emerging Leader Scholarship application.


Special thanks to the BUSH FOUNDATION for making the Emerging Leader Scholarships possible!