EKWL Employer Testimonials


Dr. Annette Parker, President  
South Central College  

“This program is incredible!  The Elizabeth Kearney Women’s Leadership program builds self-confidence, skills, and community connections.

Thanks to the program, our faculty and staff learn what they are capable of and better understand their strengths.

We’ve benefited from their professional and personal development because they return more focused in their work and better leaders.”


Sarah Richards, President & CEO
Jones Metal

“For many women every day is a challenge to navigate, leaving very little, if any, time for their personal and professional development.  So, how can we support each other and realize all of our dreams?

You can do it by participating in, or sending someone you know to, the Elizabeth Kearney Women’s Leadership program!

This leadership program is a gift of one day every month for ten months.  A chance to focus and build a leadership plan for the future.  Employers, co-workers, and participants benefit from the newly developed skills and positive outlook, which results in more productive and healthier leadership.”


Larry Taylor , Vice President of Development
Taylor Corporation

“The Elizabeth Kearney Women’s Leadership program helps women building on their strengths, knowledge, and passion to assert themselves in areas that may have been
traditionally dominated by men. 

By building on strengths rather than focusing on our weaknesses, they develop into true leaders.

This program also gives participants a unique opportunity to network with other women and work together to support each other as leaders.”


Sue Keithahn, President & COO
ProGrowth Bank

“As an employer, I see tremendous value in YWCA Mankato’s Elizabeth Kearney Women’s Leadership program for my staff.

With all program participants, I saw a return for our investment…  My employees were happier with their work, more confident in their abilities, and more willing and able to accept greater challenges and additional responsibility. It was a lot about increased self-confidence and they learned about their strengths and how to fully apply their strengths at work.

My favorite staff comment was:   ‘I’ve always liked my job.  But, after attending EKWL, I better understand why I like my work and what type of new opportunities I should accept as they are presented.' ”

Ben Ellingson, CPA, Partner-In-Charge
Eide Bailly, Mankato Office

“The YWCA Women’s Leadership Program has helped our participants identify their core values and strengths, connect with and learn from community leaders, and explore their contributions to the team; ultimately positively impacting the culture and success of the firm.”