Youth Voice



Youth Voice was a project funded by the Otto Bremer Foundation.  The purpose was to involve youth in making Greater Mankato the very best place for youth to grow up and live.  Throughout the project the YWCA worked with many youth and community-focused organizations in the area to sponsor “Youth Voice” meetings, at which youth were asked to identify community attributes that were positive for them, items they perceived as negative, places they liked and challenges they faced. They also discussed how they could be involved in making Greater Mankato the home they want it to be.

Upon completion of the project, the YWCA sought input from other community organizations on what might be the best next steps for this initiative. The Mankato Family YMCA stepped forward with a comprehensive plan to implement further youth development efforts, based on the findings of Youth Voice, and is currently working with the Otto Bremer Foundation on plans to build a possible youth center. The YWCA is pleased to have been involved in the early stages of this project, and will post updates on this possible youth center as information becomes available.


Research from the Community Summit on Youth

Dr. Nancy Fitzimons, Complete Research on the Well-Being of Children and Youth in Mankato/North Mankato Area

Dr. Nancy Fitzsimons, MSU Social Work Professor:  Executive Summary

Dr. Anthony Filipovitch, MSU Urban & Regional Studies Professor:  Youth Voice Sketch Maps



Youth Voice was funded by the Otto Bremer Foundation.