The YWCA SHERO Award is presented to women who make a significant, positive impact on their communities every day.

A SHERO (She Helps Everyone Realize Opportunities) is a woman you consider a hero. YWCA SHERO's are presented with an honorary SHERO embroidered scarf (2012-2013), a certificate and a suprise visit from the YWCA Persimmon Committee.




Annie (Splinter) Anderson

Sandra Ganey

Bonnie Bennett

Andrea Burger

Dawn Schaefer

Leila Bjorklund

Julie Nelson

Gretta Handke

Patricia Peterson

Kathy Jensen

Sandra Woods

Dr. Marilyn Wells

Nancy Zallek

Shay Kulla


 2012 YWCA SHERO's

Anne Ganey

Carol Stallkamp

Jane Schwickert

Kristin Nordren

Marcia Jones Richards

Maureen Nowak

Pam DeMarce

Rita Petrie

Rosemary Busse

Honorary SHERO Scarf

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 Some members of the YWCA Persimmon Committee