Women make significant, positive impact on this community every day. They contribute to their family, their workplace, through volunteer commitments and in endless other ways. The YWCA has created the SHERO award to enable YOU to honor ANY woman  who has made a powerful difference in your life. SHERO is a woman that has been a hero to you (She Helps Everyone Realize Opportunities).


During the months of August & September, SHERO awards will be available for purchase on the YWCA website.  You will be asked to fill out an online form.  Please be ready to provide contact information and why or what makes this person is a SHERO to you. Our SHEROs will be recognized with a surprise visit from our Persimmon Committee and presented with a certificate and special gift.  


Show your appreciation by identifying the everyday SHEROs in your life! By recognizing women for the impact they make and by sharing those stories with the public, the YWCA will further elevate and honor women in the community.